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March of the Bull - Flight of the Butterfly 02 by MegaMoonLiner March of the Bull - Flight of the Butterfly 02 by MegaMoonLiner
Words cannot explain the feelings inside one infected with a dangerous, but benefic virus called 「Lamborghini Fever」.

Only those who can understand what is to enjoy the surprising effect these cars transmit can witness their power, not just referring to the massive engines, but the whole creation.

「March of the Bull - Flight of the Butterfly」 is a title which combines Lamborghini's tradition to create bullish, yet beautiful and extremely performant dream cars, and Kashiwazaki Sena from 「Haganai/I don't Have Many Friends」 (her butterfly hair pin being her best known trademark), my overall favorite Anime/Manga character, which still today guides my imaginations, life ambitions and will to keep living my life.

Monday the 10th March 2017, at the Geneva International Motor Show marked a very important step for me into my passion for sports cars, and by bringing this custom 1/10 RC Aventador I could surprise both the Lamborghini staff and even LB Performance's founder and CEO Kato Wataru, who left his mark on it, and even asked to see it rolling around his stand.

All in all, I got more than what I bargained for, when I decided to visit the GIMS 2017, and that will prompt me to come back next year, to se what new record holder may Lamborghini present, as well as what pair of marvels Kato-sama will bring, given that this first presentation of his has been a brutal success and I believe he plans to come back.

Side note: this RC will undergo improvements soon - such include replacing the vinyls for better printed ones, add more vinyls to complete the Itasha, and finally replace both the front spoiler and rear wing and it's base (all were made from thick cardboard, as part of the prototype project) and swap them for plastic parts, from a 1/10 Honda CR-Z JGTC of Tamiya.
A second 1/10 Lamborghini - this time a Huracan Super Trofeo - will be acquired soon to pass through a similar Itasha project, maybe Hasegawa Kobato from 「Haganai/I don't Have Many Friends」 or Gasai Yuno from 「Mirai Nikki/Future Diary」.
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